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You have spent countless hours practicing. You are amazing at what you do with your instrument. It brings joy to others and to you.

Now is the time to get some enduring memorable portraits for you and your family--you as the musician with a very classy and fun instrument.  From classical studio portraiture to an edgy urban, rebel-like look or your ideas.

See our Musicians Gallery.

Clients love to end up with a least one large wall portrait with this kind of shoot. We have samples hanging on our studio walls of musician prints on metal, canvas, and fine-art paper framed.  They will have impact on your wall.  Canvas and fine-art paper are the preferred media for classical portraits and metal and canvas are the preferred media for any sort of edgy type of portrait.

Alpine Photographic photographers are excited to help you get the most amazing, high-quality portraits you will ever have in your music career.  Let's talk us!