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Retro & Vintage

Retro and vintage fashion has a special appeal. It speaks of timeless, classy ladies and gentlemen. It reminds us that fashion, style, and elegance from the 1930's to 1960's can come alive again.

Talk with us about setting up a vintage- or retro-style portrait session.  Lets discuss ideas together and we'll team with you to make this your very fun once-in-a-lifetime, unique and creative photo session.

See our Retro & Vintage Gallery.

The preferred media for a wall portrait in this genre of photography is either canvas or fine-art paper framed. Both have a soft, painterly look--perfect for a fashion-like vintage or retro portrait.

We know some great shops that can help you find amazing clothes to wear for your shoot (and style around town!).  We can shoot in studio or perhaps in an urban or even countryside settings...let fashion come alive again on a session with Alpine Photographic photographers.