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Our Promise

Our promise to you is singular in purpose--to give you an awesome, fun, creative, and positive photographic experience.

Photography is our passion because we deliver something of value that touches hearts.  We will listen to you and provide an experience and result of special value to you.

We are a team of dedicated and talented photographers, graphic artists, photo-editors, staff, and assistants located in Monument, Colorado. Our fashion- and family-based style and quality attracts ever increasing numbers of clients as well as talented professionals.

We are a portrait studio specializing in high school seniors, families, stylish couture kids, and fashion-style photography.  We no longer photograph weddings.  We do have a commercial business and separate website.

What does our passion for photography mean to you? Quality...period. Do some comparisons. Visit our studio. Ask our clients. Talk with us. We have the skill, creativity, equipment, professionalism...and the personalities to make your shoot a fun experience.

Alpine Photographic. Enjoy the adventure. Experience the passion.

Ken Mellott and the Alpine Photographic Team